PUBLISHING NEWS:   I have found the perfect medium for my photographs and narratives - the self-published magazine format. Its relatively inexpensive and the reproduction is superb. Best of all, I can design the layout to my liking. I use a program called BookWright and upload the finished product to BLURB.COM. Stunning copies arrive in a little over a week. The first of this new process is titled CUENTOS del NORTE and is focused on HWY 90 and the TRANS PECOS of S.W. Texas. It can be viewed free of charge at:   


The second issue of CUENTOS del NORTE: Tropicalismo can also be viewed for free at:


My wife, Tania, and I have published Quetzal and Zopilote: a journey to middle america, the story of our 1970 trip via a single-engine airplane to Mexico and Guatemala. It can be viewed free of charge at this site:


Another book, DAMASCUS GATE: Memories of Palestine 1973, can also be viewed at:


Also, I have now posted a total of six, chapters of another book-in-progress: Resurrecting the Dead: The Story of a French Quarter Restoration and Other Vignettes of the Crescent City.  (see menu) More will follow. 

                       I can best be reached by e-mail:  arch2@cox.net

 Cover of CUENTOS del NORTE: Issue One

Cover of CUENTOS del NORTE: Issue One


  Álamos, Sonora, Mexico

Álamos, Sonora, Mexico